Wibbly-wobbly, blocky-wocky? Here comes the Time-Lord...


There are very few places in time and space that the Doctor can't take the TARDIS - and his audience. And now he's gone even further. LEGO - rapidly undertaking a strategy of world domination - has brought the Timelord into its plans for the upcoming options on its 'Dimensions' game for the likes of PS2, PS3, Wii and X-Box systems. With an introduction themed to the Twelfth Doctor, you will be able to play as The Doctor (all his various different incarnations), build supporting characters and can be teamed up with diverse heroes such as Gandalf, Batman and The Simpsons.

Long-touted as a possibility, the Doctor and supporting characters will be in the game that is due out from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on 27th September in North America and 29th September in Europe. 

Author: John Mosby
9th July, 2015
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